What is The Butcher & The Bar?

The Butcher & The Bar is both a full-service butcher shop and full-service bar. There is a retail section featuring traditional butcher offerings and a friendly bar area that offers sit-down bar and table service. There is also comfortable outside patio seating with table service for your enjoyment.

Can I Eat There?

Yes! During the day, the Butcher Shop will offer a variety of craft sandwiches and sides available for take-out. At lunchtime the bar and patio will offer the same sandwiches and some additional menu items in a full-service setting. In the evenings, the bar will have a small plates menu, featuring products from the butcher shop. We are a “case-to-kitchen” operation.

How do You Define Locally Sourced?

Our Executive Chef makes it his mission to source products close to where we live, whether they be meats or produce. We define regional as pretty much anywhere within Florida, but primarily south and central Florida. Our Chef has established relationships with dozens of local farms and has personally visited them. While it is our goal to use as much regional product as possible, sometimes it is nearly impossible to get the quality of product we desire from within the region. In these cases, our Chef will order from other providers of clean products. Similarly, our bar program will feature local craft beers, and spirits from Florida distilleries. Simply put, we start close and work our way outwards until we find the quality products we want to offer our customers.

Someone told me you make everything from scratch, even your ketchup. Is that true?

100%. We take great pride in being a scratch-made, case-to-kitchen establishment. Chef Dan and the team make everything in the meat case from scratch—sausages, smoked meats, hams, pickles, condiments. And yes, all our ketchup, mustards, and even mayonnaise is made from scratch in our kitchen. These are the same quality products we also use on our sandwiches and in our other menu items. We emphasize quality food and are very serious about it.

So, You’re a Bunch of Those Tree-Hugging People that Eat Granola and Such?

No, we are far from it (not that there’s anything wrong with that). First and foremost, we are all mostly “foodies” (and “drinkies” too). But we also believe in a couple of simple things: (1) we should provide customers with the cleanest, freshest, healthiest product we can offer; (2) we should support local farmers and businesses as much as possible; (3) we should do what we can to ensure these quality food sources are available to us for years to come, and; (4) we should only serve food we would want to eat, and treat customers the way we want to be treated.

What are “Craft” Sandwiches?

No deli meat!! Well, the definition is broader than that. If you want a traditional sub sandwich, there are many places for you to find those. Our craft sandwiches will consist of house-prepared products, such as meatballs, sausages, Porchetta, beef, and roasted poultry, to name a few. And, our Executive Chef is not afraid to offer vegetarian options as well. Our kitchen team also prepares their own condiments and pickled products—no mass-produced jarred products here! We also use bread exclusively from local bakeries in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach. Now that’s a craft sandwich!

Do You Take Custom Orders?

Yes. If you have a party or event coming up, just let us know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Whether you want certain cuts of meats, sides, or sausages, with advance notice we can meet your needs.

Can I Order Regular Commodity Product to Save Money?

Yes and no. Yes, we will custom order the product you desire. If you want meat from a cow that was penned, is hormone and antibiotic laden, and fed a heavy corn-based diet, by all means! We don’t judge. However, since we typically don’t carry commodity product, we will require you to purchase the entire quantity of whatever cut we order. For example, we will only be able to order you a whole rib section for prime rib or ribeye steaks, or a whole beef tenderloin. If you do want to purchase a large cut of commodity product, we will happily break it down into the individual cuts you desire.

What is Red Splendor? What Happened to the Old Red Splendor?

Red Splendor was the original name under which our Executive Chef Dan Ramos and his partner Chef Jason Brown started producing their sausages and bone broths. Sales were primarily through local green markets and focused exclusively on making product that was clean, local, and organic. After joining with their new partners to form The Butcher & The Bar, Red Splendor was absorbed into the new business. Red Splendor still existing in principle and all the products that were produced under the Red Splendor name are still being produced using the same recipes, just under our new name.

Can I Smoke, Vape, E-Cig, Hookah, at The Butcher & The Bar?

No. The building in which we are located is a 100% smoke-free environment. So, there is no smoking on the property, which includes our patio, walkways, and parking lots. We do not allow e-cigarettes, vaping, fog machines, bonfires, or anything else that creates smoke or vapor. The only smoke we allow on property comes from our smoker. The only thing we want to see in your mouth is our food, drinks, and kind words for your friends.

What Kind of Products do You Sell in the Butcher Shop?

The Butcher Shop focuses on providing regionally sourced and clean cuts of meats and poultry such as beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. In addition, we will feature many varieties of sausages, bone broths, side dishes, and ready-to-cook products. As we grow, we plan to begin offering cured and dried meats as part of our charcuterie program.

Why is Your Menu So Limited?

We only want to serve our customers the best. Period. Fresh, clean food. To do so we focus our efforts on creating food with the freshest ingredients, crafted on-site, from our meat case to the kitchen. We do not use commercial, commodity, food products that are processed and loaded with salt and chemical preservatives. While our lunch menu may only feature 5-6 sandwiches per day, the menu will change daily based on product availability and freshness.

You Keep Mentioning “Clean” Food. How Do You Define “Clean”?

Simple. We wash it very well. Just kidding (but not really, because we do wash fresh foods thoroughly). What is clean? Take every positive-sounding buzzword about food products and apply them to us. Maybe not all, but here is a sample. Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest, healthiest, and most natural food products possible. As such, we source animals that are raised free of hormones and antibiotics, preferring animals that roam free and live in a humane fashion. Think of pigs foraging in the woods, cattle grazing in grass-filled pastures, or those famous free-range chickens we hear so much about. In addition to our meat products, we purchase vegetables and herbs that are certified organic or raised in an organic style (no chemical pesticides, no GMOs).

Are Your Products Organic?

Not necessarily. Our primary goal is to obtain clean products—products we know meet our standards of clean food. When possible and feasible we do purchase USDA certified organic product. Due to the cost and paperwork associated with being organic certified, many local small farms choose not to get the official designation. However, many of those same farms raise produce and animals in a manner the meets or exceeds government organic standards. The relationship our Executive Chef has with these farms helps him determine those that are doing so. While much of our product will not be labelled organic, you can be certain it is raised/grown to those standards. if it is USDA Certified Organic, it will be labelled as such.

Your Products are Expensive. I Can Get Meat Far Cheaper at the Grocery Store and Cheaper Sandwiches at the Local Sub Shop. Why?

There is no doubt you can find much cheaper product at local grocery stores, one of those mail order services, or at another local sandwich shop. But why would you? There are many reasons our product is more expensive. Some of these factors include:

Local Sourcing – We buy most of our product from local farms who do not produce in the same mass quantities as big farms throughout the country.

Clean Product – It costs more to buy product that is certified organic or raised in an organic style, because it costs more to raise and grow product that way and it is not grown/raised in the same quantities as commodity product.

Small Business – We simply cannot buy in the quantities a mass producer can, so naturally the products you find at a large grocery store or chain will be significantly lower priced than ours.

At the end of the day, we hope our customers believe in the quality of our food, both from the source and how it is produced, along with how it is prepared, and find that the cost is worth it. In addition, by shopping with us, you are supporting not only us, but many other local businesses. If you are interested in supporting the local economy, being our customer is one way to do so.

Are you a Dog-Friendly Establishment?

Our patio is dog friendly, but we have a few requests: (1) dogs must be kept clear of walkways; (2) dogs may not sit on furniture or in your lap; (3) dogs must be well-behaved and not bark, growl, pee, poop, or create an inconvenience for other guests. If you have a trained and certified Service Animal, well, we don’t need to tell you your rights. You are welcome to bring your animal on our patio or inside, per all applicable laws. Per Florida and Federal law, Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are not protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act in the same manner as Service Animals. If you have an ESA (even with a real letter, versus one downloaded from the internet), it gives you no right to bring you pet anywhere other than our patio with the rules listed above, where you and your ESA will be most welcomed.

What is Your Parking Situation?

There is a surface level lot immediately adjacent to our space accessible off SE 4th Street (between the two apartment buildings), that is designated for retail use only. In addition, the garage attached to that surface lot has retail parking on the first level (just don’t park in any spots labelled “reserved”). There is also abundant street parking in the immediate area.