Sourcing Products with Local Farmers

For our customers’ enjoyment, The Butcher & The Bar prides itself on using regionally sourced, clean products as much as possible. Last month, we had the pleasure of visiting High Pasture Ranch and Solace Farms, two farms we will be sourcing many of our products from for our Boynton Beach butcher shop and bar restaurant. Solace Farms is a 23-acre farm nestled in Zolfo Springs, Florida. The “no-spray” farm specializes in fresh, organic farm to table vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, chickens, cows, and more!

Nate and his wife Missy have owned the farm since 2015. When they first obtained the property, it was nothing but fence and grasslands. Five years, and two hurricanes later, Nate is proud of what they have accomplished with the land and look forward to the rewarding opportunities ahead. Currently Solace Farms offers fruits and vegetables such as juicy papaya (which we had the pleasure of munching on over lunch,) bananas, passion fruit, kale, carrots, arugula, among many others. It was important to Nate that we know that Solace Farms uses no chemicals on its produce, whatsoever. “Not using any chemicals does have its challenges, but we are still able to yield enough produce.” For Solace Farms, it comes down to quality over quantity.

Nate, a very well-traveled man, has quite literally put down roots in Zolfo Springs.  Over the next decade, they plan to add more fruit orchards, which in turn provides shade to the “mini-pastures” where the chickens reside. Solace Farms is also expecting to grow its cattle raising, by clearing out more land for the cows to roam. Nate even talked about soon having bees on the farm! “I love the challenge of farming. I am passionate about it. I love it, I love THIS little piece of land, and I can’t wait to see what I can do with it.”

To see video of our time at Solace Farms, click here.