What To Expect At The Bar

We are thrilled to have our bar finally open to our customers!

Our bar is a place for downtown Boynton Beach patrons can come relax with friends, family, coworkers, or just themselves and enjoy a comfortable, acoustically correct setting. We have a mid- to- high-end liquor program that features local craft beers, boutique and local spirits, and wine.

We will have a cocktail program that is creative and fresh, with some spins on old favorites. If you want a local craft beer or a mass-produced mainstream beer, you will be treated the same. If you want a gin and tonic, or a fancy specialty cocktail, you will be treated the same. Vodka and soda? Go for it! No attitude here. And we promise…there’s not a drink on our cocktail list that will involve 10 ingredients, a trip to the garden, liquid nitrogen, bar flair, or a specialty cocktail glass imported from Mozambique. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

We will not have Happy Hour in the traditional sense. Instead, we will have Cocktail Hour. During that time, we will offer random daily drink specials. You’ll just have to show up to find out what they are (or check social media). Each day, our chef will make a special small bite (or two), that will be offered complimentary to each person who orders a drink in the bar during Cocktail Hour. While there are some deals to be had, we believe our products are worth the same, regardless of the time of day at which you consume them. We hope you will agree.

During the day, sandwiches being produced by the butcher shop are available for purchase in the bar. In the evening, a small plates “butcher bites” menu is offered that features items made with products from the butcher shop, such as charcuterie plates, sausages, and terrines. Our goal is to give people a chance to try multiple items in one sitting, versus being committed to a single full entrée. Multiple small plates can easily be combined to make a meal.